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WELCOME!..... My name is Nancy, i'm 34 yrs and..... This page is designed for friends, families, and individuals who are eigther suffering from depression or living with someone who is depressed. Below you will find many links to various locations where you can educate further educate yourself on the illness and perhaps find some help in the process. Depression is a subject that is not easy for most people to talk about. Unfortunately society has a stigma attached to the world depressed. Many people mistake the word depressed for sadness. Feeling down is in the dumps occasionally is normal. That's part of life. It's normal to feel and experience emotions on a "normal" degree. However, depression is NOT normal and it's something that you can't just "shake" of. CHAT...JOIN...CHAT...JOIN...CHAT...JOIN...CHAT...JOIN...CHAT...JOIN...CHAT...JOIN...CHAT...JOIN...CHAT...JOIN...CHAT...JOIN...!



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LONELINESS:................................ Loneliness is feeling alone. The longing need for someone special to hold you throughout a lifetime. loved by someone special. You feel full of life when the loneliness goes. Loneliness once it is gone, is rareless but then you think of all have, a mother, a husband and kids who love you dearly Loneliness, WHO NEEDS IT? By:Katie Daiker

My List of Links

Dealing with depression: Information
Pacific Post Partum Support Society: A help guide for mothers
Depression central: Information
Health Care information Resourses: More links Delicated to the treatment of suicidal depression
Depressie Informatie Punt: (Dutch) Information
Stichting SELENE vrouwenzelfhulporganisatie: (Dutch) Postpartum depressie
Suicide is not the answer or solution for your problems: Help online
Parent to parent support: Special url for Raisin*
Teen help-depression: Teenagers help page
Depression & suicide: Many links
Depression support-forums-chat's: Contact others
Winter depressie: (Dutch) Informatie
Manisch-depressieve stoornis: (Dutch) Informatie
Internet depression resourses: Information
Conversion disorder: looking for information
Anglo-dutch bipolar side: Self support bipolar side, NSMD lotgenoten stichting
de PFG: (Dutch) Informatie over angsten en paniek
Centrum voor dienstverlening. Omg. Rotterdam: (Dutch) Informatie hulpverlening
Stichting Pandora: (Dutch) Informatie
This I pray: Depression support group
A light in the darkness: Support group
Depression support + chat: Support and chat
Depressie informatie homepage: (Dutch) Mijn Nederlandstalige homepage
12 steps to recover: also for depression
Dysthymie: (Dutch)Nieuwslijst voor en door mensen met dysthymie
Depressie overwinnen/Overcome your depression: Informatie voor mensen die depressief-zijn en hun familie/Information for depressed persons and their family
Welkom bij de psychologie-links van Rene Smit: (Dutch)Wie wil nou niet weten waarom je dingen doet zoals je ze doet.
Van Burnout naar burnin: (Dutch)Wat is burnout en nog veel meer.
Geestelijke Gezondheidszorg Pagina: (Dutch)Een mooie start pagina met vele link naar de geestelijke gezondheids zorg
OCD=what is this?: This page is dedicated to all the sufferers of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.
Depression medical information: Information
Wat is een depressie (Dutch): Informatie.
Psycho wijzer (Dutch): Nog meer informatie.

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